Have you ever thought how difficult it is to manage technology for older adults?
Now think of a simple activity like taking an appointment for the doctor...
Currently many people over 60 years have obstacles in technology, this is because they are not born with technology. This has led me to understand this age group, "excluded" from new technologies, to find a solution to it, and to make things a little easier for it, because technologies must facilitate and not complicate simple action. 
Focusing on the current complicated context, post pandemic, and referring to people at risk, these people are unable to get their medical check-ups, as they do not get early appointments and prefer not to expose themselves to attend their trusted clinic. For this reason, is why I designed CoMed, an application focused primarily on older adults. In which it is possible to get a shift with your doctor easier and faster. 

Ana Maria, 65 years old, pensioned.

Its objective is to be able to continue with the treatments of their pre-existing diseases, hypertension.
She is very frustrated not knowing when a page is down or performing some action with his cell phone, he asks his son for help, even if he knows that he is upset about it. But it says "Google gives a lot of information to solve a simple problem, and you have to read a lot". 

- Find support in others
- Remove many prejudices in the use of the unkno

- Doesn't have support
- Doesn't know where to focus

- User profile
- Community
- Message

- Monthly recurring income
- Conversion rate
- Active customer rate
Segments and Dimensions
- People over 60 years of age living in Córdoba Capital, who attend a clinic with the "CoMed" service
- Monthly measurement
- Iphone devices

CoMed is proposed as a "Business to business" (B2B), since it will be marketed to health centers, which want to apply this service to their users in order to facilitate their appointment management, among other benefits. 

In the first instance, the investment of the health centers with "CoMed" will be to add their brand identity to the app, such as the logo. Then they will have to pay a monthly subscription depending on the plan they want to contract, which will vary depending on the number of user accounts that will be enabled, thus being able to reach both SMEs and large organizations in the same way. All plans will include monthly maintenance of the app, updates and technical assistance 24 hours a day, thus guaranteeing its perfect functioning.  

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