Hi, I'm Ornella Gallo!
An argentinian passionate about design.
I was born in Cordoba (CBA) in 1996 and since I was a child, creativity is my main skill. 

What were my first challenges?
When I was 15 years old, I learned to use design software and to make my first creations for personal/school projects. 
As a teenager, I was in charge of the creation of the school semester magazine. Later, I was in charge of the design and brand identity of a family business dedicated to the automotive sector. 

Exchanges and studies 
After a cultural exchange in Natal, Brazil, I decided to enter at Siglo 21 University in 2014. I studied Graphic Design and graduated in 2020, with a thesis related to Biodegradable Packaging. 
During that time I also took some courses such as serigraphy and Community Manager. It was until 2021 that I discovered Ux/Ui Design, where I could involve three things that I am very passionate about, like design, problem solving and technology. 
OG #madeincba, was born in 2018, when i had to create my own identidy brand for a university project, and since that moment i'm making it evolve every day with me. 

Something more about me
Throughout my life, I always like to try new things, that's why I'm experimenting drone photography and video production, advancing in every trip I made. 
In 2021 I decided to move to Turin, Italy to connect with my family's culture and learn from a productive, innovative city linked to technological development.
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